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Altbet available for investment on 4stake

The Altbet coin is already available for investment on 4stake, see the main aspects of the coin below;

  • Name: Altbet
  • Symbol: ABET
  • Site: https://altbet.io/
  • Total supply: 21.000.000 ABET
  • Main exchanges: Escodex / CryptoBridge
  • Price at the post moment: $ 0.75 USD / 0.00021790 BTC
  • ROI at the post moment: 744,58% Annual
  • Whitepaper:  https://bit.ly/2CZWyyP

Coins’s description:  Mutual betting is widely adopted in gambling and applied to horse racing, greyhound racing and sports betting. Altbet.io is the first platform that combines this model with blockchain technology, what allows to benefit from the advantages of own cryptocurrency. In the long-term perspective, Altbet.io aspires to become world’s leading online mutual betting platform.

For more information, access the coins’s site: https://altbet.io/

Do you still have any doubt? Make contact with us on our Discord or Telegram:

Discord: https://discord.gg/yB6pFCr
Telegram: https://t.me/www4stake

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