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Bitblocks added to the list of partner coins

Looking to the excellent relationship and continuous work between 4stake and Bitblocks community, we release today a promotion which aims brings even closer our communities.

Bitblocks will be added to the select group of 4stake partner coins, counting then with the best market FEE.

The new fee will be 3%. This fee represents today something close to US$ 0,60/month, less than US$ 7 per year.

Thinking mainly in the small investor we will maintain investment seats at 30 BBK, guaranteeing a great investment to all the people.

Worth record that in choose for a shared masternode, you have EXTRA gain, because with our exclusive auto-investment system we guarantee to you the best market performance, by reinvesting the rewards automatically for that you participate of another masternode.

So we expect to contribute even more to the Bitblocks community.

Graciously, 4stake.com team.

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