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4stake |How does the affiliate system work?

4stake has a affiliate system totally sustainable, because it pays with the FEE extract directly from each masternode. Here, we will detail how the values are distributed and also teach how to create and delete the indication links. Distribution of FEE to affiliates All the masternodes has a FEE divided …

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How to invest in Stake (PoS)

First, you have to know which coins are available to invest, for that, follow the steps below; 1 – Login in 4stake with the social media (Facebook, Google+, Twitter) you want. 2 – On the left side menu, click “Stake (PoS)”. 3 – Watch which coins are available to stake …

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4stake | How to terminate a full masternode

Now the users who have a full masternode (regardless if it was created at once or through “Group Seats”) can finish it in an instant way paying a fee of 10 RDCT (the individual selling of seats still being possible). For that, just follow the steps below: 1 – Access …

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4stake.com | How to group seats

In the new 4stake version, when you got the enough to totalize a full masternode is possible to group your seats in an only one masternode, for that, just follow the steps below: 1 – Access the site: https://www.4stake.com/; 2 – Click in “Access Now” as the image below; 3 …

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How to cancel seats on open masternodes

In the new 4stake’s version when you make the purchase of seats of a masternode which the capitation still open, it is possible to cancel the purchase of this seats and get the coins available in your wallet again. For that, you just have to follow the steps below: 1 …

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