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Leasing – Questions and Answers!

Leasing is a widely used modality in some overseas exchanges but little explored by platforms like 4stake.
With this in mind, some tools have been developed to enable users to earn yield on currencies that natively have no STAKE and MASTERNODE system.


  • How to participate in leasing.


      1. To participate in the leasing simply deposit the accepted coins in the platform. Initially BTC and DOGE.


  • How leasing income works Leasing


      1. income is not a fixed income and depends on several market variables, our commitment is always to deliver the best possible income and for this we will use various investment methods. (Node, Stake, Trade, Arbitrage)


  • Is there a deposit minimum?


      1. There is no minimum deposit, however, we always recommend reading about the possible rates applied in some coins. 


  • Is there a minimum time to withdraw?


    1. There is no minimum time for withdrawal, after confirmed withdrawal can be requested at any time and has a deadline of up to 24hrs to be executed. 
  1. Do platform earnings automatically come into income? (Compound interest!)

  After payment of an income your available total becomes the new basis of calculation. Thus it is correct to state that the compound interest effect is applied to rewards.

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