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Top questions and answers about masternode and stake.

The 4stake system has been completely revamped and with that many questions have arisen, this document aims to list the main doubts and explain them simply:


  1.   What is required to use the platform?
  •   To access and use the platform you must have an account on any of these social networks:
    •  Facebook
    • Google (Account)
    • Twitter
    • Yandex
  1.   I deposited on the platform, do I need to do anything else?
  •  You do not need to take any further action after the deposit, just wait for the confirmation of your deposit and await income. Remembering that each currency has its own income rule.

3   How do I invest in masternode? (Are there seats?)

  •   The previous system was divided into seats within the masternode, this system has been removed, now when making the deposit the system will identify which system is best invested and will do so automatically, allocating its resources to masternode or stake according to profitability. .

4   How do I know if my coins are in stake or masternode?

  • The pool no longer has a division of ownership of coins, from the deposit they become part of a large “cake” where you own a% of the total. By accessing the POOLS link, you have the list of currencies and by clicking on the desired currency, you can check the number of nodes and the like.

5   Why do some currencies that have masternode technology have no active masternode?

  •   In order for the currency to have masternode active on our platform it is necessary for the currency ROI in USD to be over $ 1.50 and the masternode yield to be higher than STAKE. If the currency does not comply with this rule it will remain in STAKE.

6   How is the choice of currencies to be listed made?

  •    Currency listing can take place in different ways:
    •  Voting, a voting system where each vote costs 1 RDCT and upon reaching 1000 votes the coin is listed in the next rounds. * There is no fixed deadline to list in this mode.
    • Listing paid in own currency or BTC
      •   Total cost of 0.04 BTC or currency equivalent, however, must be listed in some easily accessible and active selling book exchange. * Listing may be denied in this mode.
      •   Partnership or bilateral interest.
        • This is a negotiation that demands interest from both parties and is only concluded after a thorough analysis of the project.

7   How often do you earn?

  • Earnings received from masternode and stake portfolios are processed approximately 1 hour after network confirmation.
  •   From this moment onwards a process of grouping payments and dividing between participants enters and this occurs every 1 hour. Other variables can interfere with payment times because they are done in a queue manner and when this queue is long it can end up delaying the process.

8   Do platform earnings automatically come into income? (Compound interest!)

  •   After payment of an income your available total becomes the new basis of calculation. Thus it is correct to state that the compound interest effect is applied to rewards.

9   How does coin maintenance work?

  • We have 2 types of maintenance:
    • Scheduled maintenance is that when we give advance notice what will be done and usually occurs in swap’s or platform upgrades.
    •  Unscheduled maintenance that occurs in situations adverse to our control and in 90% of cases is automatic, often a coin comes in and out of maintenance in an automated manner.
  1. Is there any kind of withdrawal grace period?
  • There is no grace period to withdraw the amount deposited and your income, since the amount in available balance the withdrawal can be done at any time.
  1. Withdrawal fee
  • Most of our currencies have no withdrawal fee. Our policy is to try to make it as accessible as possible to the user.

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