A fresh start

Today 01/04/2021 completes 1124 days that our project RDCToken.io was registered and that our project started.

Throughout our journey in this market, we prioritized the development of multiple projects, as we believed that with the growth of the projects we would have the growth of the currency community.

Our currency was launched for R $ 0.10 and kept fluctuating at this value for a long time, with historical peaks of R $ 0.50 and write-offs of up to R $ 0.02 that were always recovered.

However, after more than 3 years of project, we noticed that by giving attention to platforms, we stifle the existence of our currency, which is our main objective.

When analyzing the progress of the RDCT project, we noticed that the community's understanding of the relationship between the projects (Platforms x Currency) is different from what we anticipated, and if nothing was done, we could go on a path of no return.

Therefore, we decided to reinvent ourselves again.

Basically, when we noticed a mismatch between the idea and the execution, we started the process of analyzing and developing new ideas and reformulating everything that has already been done.

And today we will start the renovation of our project that will follow a script that was previously defined.

Securely closing the following services

Updates and RDCT presentation

This first phase of the changes will start today on 01/04/2021 and is expected to close until 06/01/2021.

During this period the focus will be on supporting everyone on the closure of projects and preparation for launching the news.