NO-ICO System

Sustainable financiing system! No-ICO!


A free and own network.

Invest in Crypto

Coin as a way to invest, you are the owner of your money.

Why RDCToken?

Because RDCT is a coin different from the others, since birth it has been making a name for not following the same path as the others cryptocurrencies.

We are a coin thought by who lives the day-to-day of the crypto-market and seeks to offer simple and rentable services.

“O capitalismo é a arma contra a pobreza.” - Narayana Murthy, Infosys.

With this line of thinking that we will bring our services to all people, without distinction of race, class or color. Cryptocurrency as investment and the solution of the problems.


Partnership with the several companies of the formal market and the Crypto-Market.

Using the marketing power of the affiliates to boost all aggregate services.

Automated fee conversions systems to RDCT maintain the balance on its price against the physical money.

Solutions linked to our coin.

Below the list of the services that are in developing by our team.


A wallet totally online and accesible through any device and with integration with all the systems. (Beta in 2019)

Masternode management systems.

Complete system of creation and management of full masternodes, with a low cost and totally automated. (Beta in 2019)

Pool of shared masternodes and Stake

Shared masternodes system and shared stake, totally automated and intuitive. (Online 2018)


Investment system in masternodes and another funds, which uses as principal base our coin RDCT. (beta in 2019)

Proof of work pool

Mining pool POW bearing multiple coins, actually is (Online 2017)

Coin Swap

A simple system and integrated with our other platforms which allows the automatic exchange between coins. (Beta 2019)

Payment Gateway

A complete system to enable the entry of new markets into the crypto-market.

Our projects

Below some projects that are being developed by our team.


Our coin is a evolution of the cryptocurrencies systems like Bitcoin. She is a fork of PIVX.

Label: RDCT

Max supply: 25.5 Mi

Time between blocks: 1 minute

Coins per block: 1.5 RDCT

Masternode: 7.500 RDCT


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Support sites

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What we already done in our project

Our Team

Our team is extremely lean and able to solve the most diverse problems.

Bruno Hass


Elquer Carlos


Luciana Vieira

Designer e Marketing

Rangel Carlos


Jose Henrique


Important links

Here are the most important links for all users, our git with all our files.